Wholewin BBQ accessories

Wholewin Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Established in 1999, Wholewin Industrial Co., Ltd
Established in 1999, Wholewin Industrial Co., Ltd is base in Yangjiang, GuangDong Province. The home of kitchen and BBQ accessories manufacturing in China.
Our new factory showroom maintains a comprehensive selection of BBQ Tools and Accessories.
We have at Wholewin great pride in our mature and global customer base for which we produce and manage client programs from the most basic traditional accessory business to sophisticated premium programs for major brands and retail chains.
BBQ tools and accessories are an important and powerful aspect of a modern and profitable BBQ Range and at Wholewin we understand the opportunity for growing sales and profits within a BBQ program by having quality and value within your offering of tools and accessories. Most importantly Wholewin’s QA management is at the highest level and we operate programs under the strictest QA requirements for OEM and ODM programs.
In addition to our manufacturing ability and QA management we have excellent innovation and proven success on design and packaging. Employing European Industrial Designers on product as well as European Graphic Designers to create and develop brands for our client’s tools and accessories ranges.
Wholewin welcome you to our factory showroom or you can meet us at international trade shows in Europe and the United States.